How to Make Butter (It’s Easier than you Think!)

When you think about making butter, do you think of churning away for a good while? I did too, until I learned that making butter takes one ingredient and a mixer. Shook? Me too.

In this post I’ll tell you how to make your own butter step by step. All you’re going to need is:

  • heavy cream
  • salt (optional)

Yeah, I know.

The amount of heavy cream is entirely up to you. A good rule of thumb is that 1 cup of regular quality whipping cream will make about 1/2 a cup of butter and 1/2 a cup of buttermilk. (Yes, you get buttermilk too!!)

Here we go, good beans.

How to make Butter

  1. Start by pouring 1 cup of heavy cream into a stand mixer. (You could do this with a hand-held mixer, but a stand mixer makes quick work of this.)
  2. Whip on medium speed. The cream will begin to get foamy.

3. Continue to whip on medium speed. Remember to scrape the sides of the bowl fairly often. Eventually, you’ll have what looks like whipped cream.

Then you’ll have a curdled mess as the fat starts to separate from the milk…

And finally the butter will stick together on your beater

4. Strain your buttermilk through a cheesecloth and add the bits of butter you retrieve from this process back to your bowl along with the butter from the beater.

5. Add really cold water (warm will melt the butter) to the bowl. Use a utensil to fold the butter around. This will wash more buttermilk from the butter, which will make it better to cook with and keep for longer. Repeat this washing process at least twice, draining the cloudy water each time.

6. After draining the cloudy water off for the last time, turn the butter out onto a good quality paper towel and past dry as much as possible. Using good quality paper towels will help you to avoid fuzzies in your butter. At this point you would mix salt into your butter (1/4 tsp at a time). Work as quickly as possible to avoid melting the butter. I chose to leave the salt out, since I bake with unsalted butter frequently.

7. Form your butter into a rectangle(ish) shape using two spatulas. Wrap in wax paper and refrigerate.

Congrats! You’ve just made butter! Use it just like you would regular, store-bought butter.

As for your buttermilk, it too can be used in any recipe you’d like to use buttermilk in! (I’m thinking biscuits!)

Give making butter a try! You won’t regret it!!

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