Dog-Approved Homemade Dog Treats! (2 Recipes!)

I’m newly married, and I don’t have any children. So this is the content you get. Did you ask for it? No. Did my dog ask for it? No. Were these dog treats made during a caffeine-induced productivity streak at 1AM, absolutely. All jokes aside, I love my dog, Benny. He’s the cutest thing IContinue reading “Dog-Approved Homemade Dog Treats! (2 Recipes!)”

The Cookie Experiment

Part 1: Flour Fest In a world of desserts, there can be only one tasty treat that reigns supreme. In my humble opinion, the only confection that could ever stand above the rest is the tried and true chocolate chip cookie. However, even within narrow definition of chocolate chip cookie there is room for variance.Continue reading “The Cookie Experiment”

Ghost Pepper Salsa Recipe

You may have seen me make this particular salsa on YouTube ( However, you may not be in the mood for comedic gold and just want the instructions. I hear you. This ghost pepper salsa is made from peppers my husband and I grew in containers on our patio. Even if you are very limitedContinue reading “Ghost Pepper Salsa Recipe”

Nordic Summer Hopped Mead

It’s been a long day and you desperately need a drink. Wine just doesn’t refresh, and beer is getting old. If there was only another alternative that was delicious, crisp, and refreshing. Fortunately for you, this alternative exists… you just have to make it. This drink is what I like to call “Nordic Summer HoppedContinue reading “Nordic Summer Hopped Mead”

How to Make Butter (It’s Easier than you Think!)

When you think about making butter, do you think of churning away for a good while? I did too, until I learned that making butter takes one ingredient and a mixer. Shook? Me too. In this post I’ll tell you how to make your own butter step by step. All you’re going to need is:Continue reading “How to Make Butter (It’s Easier than you Think!)”

Lemon and Blueberry Ice Cream

Picture it… it’s October. There are fall wreathes on doors. The smell of pumpkin spice fills the air. You start looking up Halloween costumes for your dog. And you’re experiencing record breaking heat. Welcome to the South. While I’ve been enjoying my fair share of fall decor and chai tea lattes, 100° weather calls forContinue reading “Lemon and Blueberry Ice Cream”